Oh Brides Magazine’s photo shoot!

On March 13, I attended the release party for Oh Brides magazine release party.  Now that the issue is out, I’d love to share some of the images that we shot for one of the fashion spreads that they used.  The shoot itself was a lot of fun and we always enjoy working with our fellow vendors in Atlanta.  We also got to meet some new friends as well.  The shoot itself took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead.  We shot all day doing various locations inside the property, after we were done, Dawn and I hit up one of our favorite restaurants, The Panda Express.  We are so excited that we have one right near our new office in Marietta!!


Oh Brides Magazine

The Intercontinental Hotel

Jeff McLaurin Designs


Park Avenue Events

Javon Longieliere Photography

JAV_0038 JAV_0039 JAV_0042 JAV_0043 JAV_0058 JAV_0060 JAV_0072 JAV_0101 JAV_0109 JAV_0115 JAV_0117 JAV_0121 JAV_0124 JAV_0125 JAV_0127 JAV_0130 JAV_0167 JAV_0195 JAV_0254 JAV_0269 JAV_0301 JAV_0302 JAV_0303 JAV_0312 JAV_9831 JAV_9856 JAV_9883 JAV_9920 JAV_9932 JAV_9944 JAV_9950

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