Three days of shoots, 5 days of editing and one epic battle!



This is now my favorite image from Cade’s superman series!  I had this idea that I started working on weeks and weeks ago.  I photographed Cade first before I even had a General Zod.  We asked Sarah to see if, Dawkins, one of Cade’s classmates from Park Avenue Pre-School if he would like to participate, thankfully she said yes.    We set up a time to photograph Dawkins for his role as Zod once his costume came in.

The scene was photographed in Remerton, GA where they had recently knocked down the Strickland Cotton Mill, which due to the destruction, made the perfect background for this battle. The last image was the storm, which I photographed in France.


I combined all the images in photoshop and spent 5 days glued to my screen while trying to make sure that the images was as perfect as I could make it.  Before this image, I always told people that the “Aftermath” image took us the longest at just three days.  This image eclipsed the timeline of that one by 2 additional days.


I could not have done this image without the help from my wife, Dawn, my son, Cade and his friend, Dawkins and his mother, Sarah.  And also to the countless people who volunteered their knowledge and skill so that I could learn more about Photoshop than I thought I could know.

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