The proposal!

After we shot Neal and Ashley for the Patterson as they danced in the new ballroom, he called me and asked if I could help him out.  We set up a fake promotional shoot for the Patterson again and had them come in to do more dancing for us.


We did have them run through a few dances before we settled on the Charleston.  Neal really loved that one.  Still , we ended up letting Ashley show off her moves without him.JAV_7422JAV_7423

We also tried to get some shots of them doing a twirl.JAV_7445

Then it was back to the Charleston again!JAV_7457JAV_7461

I turned to Dawn and asked if she thought that I had made Neal wait long enough.  She said no, but I felt he was ready.  I told them to do the Waltz, which was his cue.JAV_7466JAV_7467JAV_7468JAV_7469JAV_7470JAV_7471

She said yes!!!!JAV_7473JAV_7491JAV_7495JAV_7498JAV_7511

Since they were there, we might as well take some portraits of the two of them together!JAV_7521JAV_7535JAV_7540JAV_7548JAV_7578JAV_7611

Congrats, you guys!!

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