Dawn in the studio!

I love to create.  I love to write, photograph and if I could, paint.  I am trying very hard to try and create as often as possible, now.  Hopefully not a sign of mid-life crisis, but who knows. Life has definitely tried teaching me that time is limited and I’d really like to have had an impact in some way.

I got this idea stuck in my head, as I often do, and decided I just had to try it out.  I typically, love photographing in darker moods, but I really wanted to lighten things up.


I needed to have lightened things up anyway. I was having a tough day, emotionally and I needed to do something that would brighten my day.  This seemed to be the perfect idea. I do love having a studio in my house. Honestly, with as much as I’d love to have a storefront, I think I’d still like to have a studio in my home so I could create whenever I get the urge.


I would love to be one of those artists that have the big flat where it’s pretty much a studio with a bed in a corner.  That is prevented, of course, by a family. Haha.


Dawn gave me about 5 minutes to get this shot. She was studying for a test and was definitely not in the mood for it.


I still think she did great even though her mind wasn’t into it.  Of course, I don’t know how anyone could take a bad photograph of her.


This image looks really good in black and white as well. She loved it that way. I was going to upload it in black and white, but I thought I’d hold back.  🙂


These last two images are two of my favorites and the images that were in my head that inspired the 5 minute shoot to begin with.  I love how they came out. I used one light overhead in a Rotalux Octabox 53″ shot at F10 at 1/125th at an ISO of 100.


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